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culture of agra

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Culture in Agra

Culture in Agra

Introductory text: Agra, once the cultural capital of the Mughals, truly represents the best of Indian culture. The dynamic charm and people of the region are truly addictive and grow on you. Here is the insight on the culture of the region.
Agra, being an important historical city, was once the cultural and political capital of the Mughals. Due to this reason, Agra has witnessed the culmination of different cultures. The budding ground for art, architecture, literature, crafts and music, the city of Agra is truly mesmerizing. The city of Agra came into existence during the Lodhi Dynasty. But its flourished fully during the reign of the Mughals. These rulers influenced the people, their habits and lifestyle, making this city unique.
The people, belonging to different religions, live harmoniously with each other. Most of the people speak Brij Bhasha, a dialect of Hindi, apart from Urdu, and colloquial Hindi. One of the main sources of income for the people is tourism and agriculture. The people are fond of color, and mostly dress in traditional or western attire.
Some of the important festivals celebrated in the region are Taj Mahotsav, Ram Barat and Kailash Festival. In Taj Mahotsav, is celebrated in the month of February. The festival celebrates the art and craft of the region, helping the local artisans in showcasing their art. The Taj Literary Festival attracts bigger stalwart literary figures of the country and abroad.
The city of Agra is truly mesmerizing, and dynamic. During the stay here, the flavors of Agra truly grows on you.

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