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Taj Mahal Museum

Taj Mahal Museum

The Taj Mahal Museum is an extended part of the Taj Mahal Complex positioned towards the west of the wonderful marble tomb. One of the most attractive museums of the city, the Taj Mahal Museum houses the records and plans of construction of the grand mausoleum. The museum treasures golden tribute of the antiquities of architectural brilliance illustrating the extraordinary contributions of the Mughal art and creativity. The museum exhibits models that are connected to the innovation and idea of the Taj Mahal and its structure reflecting a unique combination of architecture. The museum serves as an amazing place for aspirant architects and the art lovers as well as for the history buffs who want to explore Indian history, especially focusing on the Mughal era. The museum houses original drawing of the Taj Mahal, precious stones to be used in the construction and celadon plates which were used to detect if the food is poisonous. The last one was quite popularly made for food to be served to the Mughal rulers, which, in case of poisoned food, would break into pieces by its own. Apart from these, there are royal ornaments, amazing paintings, portraits of Mughal emperors and several interesting ite,s related to the said era.

Spiritual Museum

Spiritual Museum

The Spiritual Museum doesn?t date back much in term of years and is relatively recent one to be formed. The museum was built with the aim to provide the tourists with a feel of the ancient history, especially to exhibit the well known cultural and historical specimens and relics of the Mughal period. The museum exhibits numerous artifacts, historical relics, and ancient specimens full of local treasures, mainly of religious and spiritual significance. It is a part of the university complex covering a large area. The museum features many themed exhibits based around the spiritual quest of man. The architecture of the Spiritual Museum is constructed with a Shikhara-style fa?ade. Not just the exhibits and contents of the museum, the exterior and surroundings of the museum are equally captivating. Decorated with numerous designs and vibrant colors, it stands out as a place to must-visit. There are provisions of meditation and yoga workshops conducted here at the museum. Yoga sessions are conducted periodically in the morning while the meditation sessions are carried on in the evenings. Gardens and fountains surround the museum adding beauty and a certain feel of fresh calmness. The museum is founded by a new formed movement, known as the 'Brahma Kumaris'.

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